Window repair/replacement

There are many reasons to replace  old windows, especially those with single panes.  Energy efficiency tops  the list.  Old windows have a variety of inefficiency issues, some that  come from old technology and some that arrive with the wear and tear  of old age.  Basically, the money spent on a new window will likely be  saved on your heating bill.  Home maintenance issues can come into play  from single pane windows as well, as they often frost on the interior  side and increase chances of breakage and subsequent damage to the home.   Also, the moisture that collects on the inside pane of a single-pane  window could create issues; this moisture has no way to evaporate like  it does in newer double- and triple-pane windows.

Old windows can just be a plain  old hassle, too.  They freeze, swell shut, squeak, look ugly and are  generally inferior.  Plus, the sealing on old windows tends to fail,  leading to unhealthy mold within the walls of a structure.  Last but  not least is the fact that new vinyl windows are not as expensive as  you would think.  In certain areas, vinyl windows can get down to a price  range of $300 installed.  Consider the savings if they cut your propane  or electric heating bill of $150 per month in half.  In that case, a  vinyl window would almost pay for itself in one winter!

If you’re living with single-pane  windows, the time to replace them is now, period.  If you have outdated  and inefficient double-pane windows, then it’s worth considering replacing  them as well.  However, if you have old double-pane Pella windows and  you upgrade to new, inexpensive vinyl windows, you may not be doing  yourself any sort of a favor.  If you can’t decide, give Performance Glass a  call and we’ll send a tech out to help you further understand  the why’s and wherefore’s.



Broken glass repair

Cracked and broken glass is very dangerous, whether in the home, or at the workplace. It is essential to get broken glass repaired immediately for the safety of your family or coworkers, and also to secure your home or business. Glass in windows or doors that are cracked or broken are an open invitation to burglars or thieves as they can enter the property with very little effort.

Even if your home is not likely to attract thieves, having a cracked door or window is really unsafe. Once the glass has been damaged it no longer has its full original strength. Broken glass can damage furniture and be very dangerous for children. Even opening or shutting the door or window could cause house pressure and loosen broken glass, add more damage or even break it out completely.

There is safety glass *also known as tempered glass* that is much safer, but that doesn’t mean it won’t break. It means it will break into smaller pieces rather than large, sharp spikes. However even these small pieces can still do damage and cut you if you are not careful. At Performance Glass we are here and ready to provide the highest quality glass repair for you! Performance Glass